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Reach new business horizons by hiring an expert Virtual Assistant equipped with state of the art artificial intelligence software

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Hiring a good Virtual Assistant is hard. We make it easy.

Teams trust Genie to bring expert level Virtual Assistants to their businesses. Genie Virtual Assistants come pre-trained on custom-software powered by artificial intelligence designed exactly on your needs.

Human Insight, AI Precision

Swift, Accurate Task Completion

Feedback-driven Improvement

Virtual Assistants For Every Need

Our Genie Virtual Assistants work with executives in every industry to cover a variety of needs.

AI-Powered Automations

AI-Generated Creative Assets

Business Internationalization

AI-Powered Globalizatoin

AI-Powered Automations

AI-Generated Creative Assets




Growth and SEO Strategies


Executive Networking and Recruiting

AI-Powered Automations

AI-Generated Creative Assets

Business Internationalization

AI-Powered Globalizatoin

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Step 1

Create Your Dream Workflows

Our team of professionals work closely with you to determine whether or not you and your business would be a good fit for a Genie Virtual Assistant. After initial qualification, we collaborate to deeply understand your workflows and the best way a Genie Virtual Assistant can bring you and your business to the next level.

Step 2

We Train Genie Virtual Assistants on Custom AI Software

Once you have been approved, we create custom software designed exactly for your use-case and through a proprietary matching algorithm find the perfect Genie Virtual Assistant to run the software for you and your business.

Step 3

Watch Magic Happen

And just like that, your repetitive, painful workflows are automated. Your Genie Virtual Assistants delivers superior results, so you can focus on building your business. Your Genie Virtual Assistant and AI-software also incorporates feedback from you and your customers, continuously improving.


Get a genie virtual assistant for just $2,500 / month.

Genie Virtual Assistant
Top 1% Virtual Assistant
Only 1% of the employee applicants for Genie make it through Genie's 5-level assessments, ensuring world-class assistants for you.
Works on your time zone
Genie Virtual Assistants match with your time zone so that they are available when you need them.
40 / Hours A Week
Your Genie Virtual Assistant feels like a dedicated full-time employee to you and your needs.
Augmented By Cutting-Edge AI
Unlike competitors, Genie's AI-engineers equip your Virtual Assistant with proprietary software designed exactly for you and your needs.
Proprietary Matching Algorithm
Based off you and your needs, we utilize an AI-enabled matching algorithm to find the right Genie Virtual Assistant for you.
Other Assistants
Hard to hire quality assistants
High turnover-rate
Not trained with most recent technologies
Struggle to understand and assist with your needs

See How Other Executives Are Using Genie

My Genie Virtual Assistant has been extremely useful for growing my business! They helped me set up my Etsy store, manage my Airbnb listings, and even implemented an SEO strategy for my website. It's like having multiple full-time employees!

Lisa Bailey
Founder, Cavalli Estates

Working with the Genie team has been an awesome experience. They've helped us expand our audience and business to new markets and customers on autopilot -- all while implementing cutting-edge AI tools to ensure that my business stays up-to-date with the latest and greatest.

Adam Schafer
CEO, Mind Pump Media

My Genie Virtual Assistants have helped me in all aspects of my life, from my businesses, to my family, and even with my passion projects. I could not imagine my life without them, as they let me complete 10x the work with half the time.

Gio C.
Former VP of Hardware Engineering, Meta

Why We Created Genie

By the age of 20 years old, Genie's founder Enzo was managing an 8-figure technology investment fund. By creating a team of Virtual Assistants equipped and trained on the latest AI-technologies, he was able to scale out operations of his fund, while beating the market. Now, Enzo wants to share the same techniques and technologies that he used with top business leaders to bring them to the next level.

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